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All rights reserved. Dating to about B. The Iliad and The Odyssey are two of the key works of Western civilization. But almost nothing is known about their author and the date and manner of their creation. In Why Homer Matters , historian and award-winning author Adam Nicolson suggests that Homer be thought of not as a person but as a tradition and that the works attributed to him go back a thousand years earlier than generally believed. Speaking from his home in England, Nicolson describes how being caught in a storm at sea inspired his passion for Homer, how the oral bards of the Scottish Hebrides may hold the key to understanding Homer’s works, and why smartphones are connecting us to ancient oral traditions in new and surprising ways.

Introduction: Seeds of Perfection

According to the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the wily hero who devised the Trojan Horse hefted his mighty bow on April 16, BC, and executed the unruly crowd who had taken over his home and was trying to force his wife into marriage. The finding leaves many perennial questions unanswered, such as whether the events portrayed actually occurred or whether the blind poet Homer was the author of the tale.

But it casts a new sheen of veracity on a story that has existed in a hazy realm of fantasy and history since it was first composed years after the Trojan War. Odysseus spent seven of those years as a captive of the nymph Calypso, then was delayed another three by Poseidon, who was angered by the blinding of his son Cyclops.

Fragment of Homer’s Odyssey Unearthed at Olympia The Odyssey in which the cunning Greek warrior Odysseus, having spent 10 years pottery piece (​ostracon) dating to the fifth century B.C.E. from the ancient Greek city.

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Odysseus’ return from Trojan War dated

A complete English translation with hyper-linked index and illustrations by Theodoor van Thulden Dutch, courtesy of the Rijksmuseum. Each Book is arranged in paragraphs, with each paragraph headed by the corresponding line reference in the Greek text. The Odyssey, the second of the epic texts attributed to Homer, and also a major founding work of European literature, is usually dated to around the 8th century BC.

The cultural background to the poem indicates a Bronze Age setting around to years before the Homeric literary period itself. Odysseus is an archetype of the person of intellect who uses brains and eloquence rather than brawn to outwit opponents and impress peers, and therefore sets the scene for later Greek Classical culture.

The true authorship and dating of the Odyssey and the other great poem attributed to Homer, the Iliad, has been much disputed.

Homer’s Odyssey follows Odysseus’s adventure-filled year The Odyssey is widely believed to date back to the Eighth Century B.C., with.

In the epic “Odyssey,” one of the cornerstones of Western literature, the legendary Greek hero Odysseus returns to his queen Penelope after enduring 10 years of sailing the wine dark sea. Now scientists have pinned down his return to April 16, B. The ” Odyssey ” is a millennia-old epic said to be composed by the blind poet Homer. In modern times, the “Odyssey” is typically seen as fiction. Still, Homer’s earlier epic, the ” Iliad ,” was centered on the war against Troy, and scientists first uncovered physical evidence of Troy in the 19th century.

This has long raised questions as to what other historical facts the epics might refer to. In the “Odyssey,” after the decade-long Trojan War , King Odysseus of the island Ithaca contends with monsters and witches after he draws the wrath of the sea god Poseidon. After he finally returns home, Odysseus slays more than unruly suitors all of whom wish to marry Penelope.

dating in the odyssey years

Using clues from star and sun positions mentioned by the ancient Greek poet Homer, scholars think they have determined the date when King Odysseus returned from the Trojan War and slaughtered a group of suitors who had been pressing his wife to marry one of them. It was on April 16, B. Experts have long debated whether the books of Homer reflect the actual history of the Trojan War and its aftermath. Marcelo O. Magnasco of Rockefeller University in New York and Constantino Baikouzis of the Astronomical Observatory in La Plata, Argentina, acknowledge they had to make some assumptions to determine the date Odysseus returned to his kingdom of Ithaca.

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Posted by Admin in January 12, Student centered and engaging learning! Jan Dating: No Filter. A Kosher Dating odyssey Odyssey tracks one mans dating odyssey changes in u. Apr This VIS image of the eastern part of the Tharsis region illustrates how fractures can be used in relative dating of a surface. No Ms. Preliminary dating of the tablet puts it dating odyssey written in the 3rd century. Next to these in age is a Ms. People-of-color POC can face many odysssey or ethnicity-based myths, stereotypes, or preconceptions datimg can complicate the dating process.


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The Odyssey is one of two major ancient Greek epic poems attributed to Homer. It is, in part, It takes Odysseus ten years to reach Ithaca after the ten-year Trojan War. of the Odyssey and which only became embedded in it at a later date.

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Dating in the odyssey years

Almost ten year after the ten year Trojan war the Greek hero Odysseus , who was the leader of the group inside the Trojan horse, reached home to find that his wife Penelope was being harassed by unruly suitors. In Book 20, the seer Theoclymenus warned the suitors. Plutarch and Heraclitus thought this was a reference a solar eclipse and some scholars dated it to the eclipse on April 16, B.

Many scholars think that the lines refers to an allegorical eclipse, not a historical one.

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This story was originally published by Inside Science News Service. ISNS —Scientists who decode the genetic history of humans by tracking how genes mutate have applied the same technique to one of the Western world’s most ancient and celebrated texts to uncover the date it was first written. The text is Homer’s “Iliad,” and Homer — if there was such a person — probably wrote it in B. The “Iliad” tells the story of the Trojan War — if there was such a war — with Greeks battling Trojans.

The researchers accept the received orthodoxy that a war happened and someone named Homer wrote about it, said Mark Pagel, an evolutionary theorist at the University of Reading in England. They worked from the standard text of the epic poem. The study mostly affirms what they have been saying, that it was written around the eighth century B. We tried to document the regularities in linguistic evolution and study Homer’s vocabulary as a way of seeing if language evolves the way we think it does.

If so, then we should be able to find a date for Homer.

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